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New Forest Open Art Exhibition 2018

14 Jul - 8 Sep, open daily

All the Leaves are Brown

Book a Visit

To make the arrangements for your visit as easy as possible please follow the procedure set out below.

To Make a Booking

  1. Read the Booking Terms and Conditions carefully.
  2. Contact the New Forest Centre either by telephone, e-mail or by completing the enquiry form.  Inform us of the type of visit you wish book, the dates and any itinerary changes you wish to make.  Sample itineraries and session outlines for school groups can be found in the Build Your Visit section of this website. 
  3. It is vital that you state an arrival and departure time so we can adjust any timings if necessary and also provide a date for your FREE risk assessment pre visit.  
  4. If the date you have asked for is not available or we need to discuss with you the arrangements an Education Officer will contact you as soon as possible either by e-mail or telephone.
  5. The New Forest Centre will send you a confirmation form which includes your itinerary. Your booking will now be provisionally booked.
  6. Check the itinerary carefully to make sure we have made any changes you requested; then sign the booking form and return it to the New Forest Centre.  This will confirm your booking.
    We accept confirmation forms by email.  Type you name in a different font to show it has been signed.
  7. Attend your pre visit to the centre, where an education officer will assist you with your risk assessments and discuss with you the requirements for the day so it can run as smoothly as possible.
  8. The New Forest Centre can accept payment on the day of your visit or will invoice your organisation after your visit.
  9. To help us continue to provide good quality sessions, complete the education evaluation form after your session.

Directions for Your Visit

We have produced straight forward directions for reaching the New Forest Centre, Bolderwood car park and how to get between the two.  Groups who have booked to do any combined day that uses different locations must provide their own transport between those venues.

For visits which include a trip to Bolderwood the coach operator has permission to use the route between The New Forest Centre and Bolderwood Car Park, via Emery Down.  Please make sure your coach driver is aware that they must not use Bolderwood Arboretum Ornamental Drive.
Double-deckers are not permitted to use this or any other route to Bolderwood because of height and width restrictions.

Pre Visits & Risk Assessments

Our staff have carried out risk assessments of the locations visited and are happy to advise teachers when writing their own risk assessments.  Pre visits are free and are an opportunity to risk assess and discuss the learning opportunities for the day.


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