We are asking for your help this Christmas so that we can carry on our work. This year we celebrated 30 years since we opened our doors for the first time. We are at the heart of the New Forest, in terms of location and the essential role we play preserving and presenting the rich history of our Forest. We are so grateful to all our donors and volunteers without whom we wouldn’t be here.

We have welcomed more than 72,000 people into our free entry Museum over the last year.

From local families bringing their children and grandchildren to explore the fascinating wildlife and ecosystem of the New Forest and take part in our regular Discovery Days to visitors who want to learn more about why the New Forest looks as it does today, who lived here and how they can play their role in looking after it for the future.

Sylvia often brings her three grandchildren to visit the Centre; Ivy (8 years old), Josie (6) and Reuben (4) and says, “Every school holiday they come to visit us and they love exploring the New Forest. At the Heritage Centre they enjoy learning more about the creatures and habitats in the Forest. Josie likes looking at the leaves she finds in the Forest, the colours and the patterns and then using them in craft activities so she loves doing bark rubbing in the Family Tree in the Museum. It helps them to appreciate the Forest and the creatures and trees that live in it. We will definitely keep coming back.”

12,766 people were inspired by our education sessions on topics such as the nature of the New Forest and human impact on the New Forest.

Visitors to the Library have increased by 38% over the last twelve months.

We changed our name to the New Forest Heritage Centre – to make it clearer why we are here and to emphasise that we are an independent charity, reliant on donations to stay open. 

Over the next 30 years and beyond we plan to be here collecting, conserving and caring for the extraordinary items in our care, items that have been generously given to us to share with everyone. In doing so, we hope to inspire them to value and take care of the New Forest.

We can’t do this on our own. We need your help today.

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Thank you for reading. Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a wonderful 2019 from all of us at the New Forest Heritage Centre.