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Embroidery Panel 1

The New Forest Story - Panel 1

Embroidery panel 1

Embroidery panel 2

At the top is William the Conqueror, who established the New Forest in 1079, with the Domesday Book.

Beneath is shown the killing of William Rufus, in the Forest. In the foreground are a nightingale, a red admiral butterfly, a nightjar, a rabbit and a white admiral butterfly.

Further along the construction of the Cistercian Abbey at Beaulieu by King John in 1204 is represented. A heron, a dragonfly, brimstone butterfly, sundew and a snipe are shown in the foreground.

A scroll showing the 6 common rights of the New Forest can be seen in the trees. An adder shown near the woodman is one of the three species of snake found in the Forest.

Perkin Warbeck, sought sanctuary in Beaulieu Abbey, after conspiring against Henry VII. In the trees are two chaffinches and a magpie; a pair of Dartford warblers is shown in the foreground with a vole, a silver-studded butterfly and a carrion crow. To the right are a smooth snake and a red admiral butterfly.

In the trees in the centre are a barn owl and a jackdaw. On the ground are a New Forest pony and a pig eating acorns. A fox, a pair of stonechats, a robin and a badger make up the foreground.

The Rufus Stone commemorates the death of King William Rufus, nearby is Mary Dore, the ‘Witch of Beaulieu’ and a ship being built at Bucklers Hard.


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