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Special Exhibition: All Trees are Clocks

8 April - 9 July, 10am - 4.30pm daily

Image of beech dieback

All Trees are Clocks

Special Exhibition: All Trees are Clocks

By Professor Adrian Newton of Bournemouth University & Paul Allen of Birmingham City University

8 April to 9 July, open daily from 10am to 4.30pm

All Trees Are Clocks is a multi-media exhibition featuring the results of recent ecological research, presented together with photography, video, sound art and music.
Image of beech dieback
The research examines the impact of recent environmental change, particularly climate change, on the ancient woodland ecosystems of the New Forest National Park. Evidence indicates that beech woodlands are currently suffering large-scale dieback. Research suggests that such dieback could have significant implications for both wildlife and people. Paul Allen's black and white study, made at Eyeworth over the course of three seasons, records the visual manifestations of this dieback and celebrates experiences of the ancient woodland.

Paul describes his photographs:

'Elegiac in form, the work is intentionally romanticised, offering a celebration of experiences of this ancient woodland which accepts the primacy of the visual. As such, the frost, the birdsong, the rustling of the leaves have to be imagined. What can be seen though are the remains of trees which have stood for hundreds of years and died quickly, their certainty undermined by changing environment.'

The exhibition is being run as part of the New Forest Arts Festival.

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